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Russia strategic bombers destroyed ISIL headquarters #Russia #ISIL #airstrike


Russia’s massive air strike apparently destroyed ISIL Headquarters in Syria . As stated by the Russian Ministry of Defence, strategic bombers conducted an extensive airstrike operation, destroying six terrorist facilities.

The operation led by Colonel-General Andrey Kartapolov is the third cunducted by the Russian airforces, right after the announcement that the aircrash in Egypt, which killed 224 people, was the consequence of a terrorist bomb.

On Thursday morning Tu-95M3 strategic bombers launched 12 cruise missiles on strategic targets near Aleppo, while Tu-22M3 bombers raided the area of Raqqah and Deir Ez-Zur. Russian bombers destroyed ISIL Headquarters along with three ammunition depots, a plant producing explosives, a command centre and three oil production sites, as posted in the official page of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

During the operation three terrorist groups’ commanders have been killed during the operation, reveals Kartapolov, diminishing control over militants on field. Russian aviation forces have conducted 60 sorties and destroyed 138 terrorist targets so far, planning to carry out a total of 98 sorties and hit 190 targets.





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