Houellebecq accuses: French politicians are guilty. #Parisattack #france


People get accustomed to terroristic attacks, too, French writer  Michel Houellebecq wrote on a platform published by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on Thursday, reminding French fearful atmosphere after multiple attacks conceived by Lebanese Hezbollah hit Paris for some days in 1986.  France will resist, French people will be able to resist this time, too; but politicians’ faults will come to light, soon or later.

Houellebecq violently accused French politicians – especially President Francois Hollande and PM Manuel Valls – of creating conditions that allowed the last tragedy to happen: through incautious foreign and national policies – such as cuts in resources which paralyzed police sudden action – and  engagement in wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, French government failed its primary duty, which is protecting French population.

No politician is left outside his harsh commentary, even though no names are reported: in the last 10, 20 maybe 30 years politicians have multiplied their errors from a legislature to the following.

In Houellbecq opinion, politicians did not listen to rampant disdain of such policies – and many others – throughout their country, thus deepening the break between French population and their own elected political class. This break will lead to the only solution left to the country: the gradual shift from a representative governance to a direct democracy.

Valentina CALCAGNO

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