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Following the recent violence escalation worldwide and the need to elaborate a joint response to terrorism, migrations and populations anxieties, luxembourgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy Etienne Schneider summoned an extraordinary “Justice and Home Affairs” Council today 20th November in Brussels  in coordination with French authorities.

The meeting official agenda included discussion on the existing measures and the strenghtening EU response and will have to focus especially on European PNR, trafficking of firearms, the reinforcement of controls at external borders, terrorist financing and judicial response.

France is the European country wich is actually the most involved in terrorism issues. Since Charlie Hebdo’s attacks – and even more after Friday’s tragedy in Paris – French officials and politicians have discussed the modification of laws and control measures in Europe.

Official public statement issued that France would ask Europe for the collection of passenger name records from those travelling within the region and for further exchange of data through the Schengen Information System – a governmental database used by European countries to gather and distribute information on individuals and pieces of property of interest especially conceived for national security. France would have also demanded a true Europe-wide agency to police Schengen’s external borders.

During this afternoon’s press release, European representatives have issued the counsel’s conclusion. French ministers asked the commission to take preventive measures against terrorism and financing of terrorism and to present an action plan focused on radicalization, integration, de-radicalization and re-integration.

French ministers explained French – and European – priorities:  firstly, enhancing  the PNR – Passenger Name Record- database, integrating fingerprints in the system and extend ECRIS – European Criminal Records Information System – to third countries;  secondly,  fighting  illegal weapons trade – on Wednesday,  the proposed amendment of 1991 directive on weapons was accepted; thirdly, intensifying controls on persons entering Schengen space, increasing cooperation among agencies such as SIS , Interpol, Frontex by creating a common database that would be needed in order to suppress terroristic threats in Europe.

French representative also stated that France has reintroduced controls on the boundaries – which the Schengen agreement allows in extraordinary dangerous situation for the nation.

European Commission agreed on all points and committed to issue an effective plan of action within 2015.

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