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Catalonia starts “disconnecting” from Spain #spain #independence


On Monday, Catalan pro-independence parties – which won a majority in the regional assembly for the first time in September elections – voted in favour of a resolution calling on the assembly to start working on legislation within 30 days to create a separate social security system and treasury. The motion passed by 72 votes to 63  expresses the will to securing complete independence as early as 2017.

“The content of the resolution will be applied regardless of what the constitutional court says. We have strenght and legitimacy, even if the Spanish state resists” said Pere Aragones, an assembly member with Junts pel Si. It is the first time in Spanish democracy history that the regional parliament incites the Generalitat to desobey to central institutions. “Nobody will have to use a passport to go out from Catalonia”, responded PP’s leader Xavier Garcia Albiol, opposing to pro-indipendence parties, Junts pel Si and CUP, which insist that the result expresses the majority’s will to separate from Spain.

But by the time the Cámara makes steps towards secession, the Constitutional Tribunal will have suspended the resolution and will have advised the Parliament not to go on with the resolution, in order not to incur in disobedience. “It’s the last 30 years’ worst challenge to democracy “, added Inés Arrimadas, leader of the opposition party Ciudadanos, which like the PP and PSC (socialists) do not support Catalan secession.

If Catalonia ever becomes independent, what will happen to separatists regions in Europe like Scotland, Northern Ireland and even Veneto? Then, in this case, what will be EU position towards Crimea which expressed its will to be independent and wasannexed to the Russian Federation? Will the EU still feel justified to keep on sanctioning Russia – which officially defended the people’s right to self-determination? Or Catalonia will constitute a precedent that will allow Europe to become a fragmented unity?

Valentina CALCAGNO

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