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Australia abandons knights and dames #australia



Australia will appoint no knights or dames any more since the titles will be scrapped from the country’s honors list, the state’s prime minister announced Monday.

“Knights and dames are titles that are really anachronistic, out of date, not appropriate, in 2015 in Australia,” Malcolm Turnbull told reporters, as quoted by Sky News Australia.

According to the prime minister, the cabinet’s recommendation to drop the titles has already been accepted by UK Queen Elizabeth.

The change will not affect existing knights and dames in Australia, Turnbull specified.

The reverse move comes more than 18 months after the knighthood award was reintroduced to the Order of Australia Honors List.

Tony Abbott, the country’s former prime minister, has been a strong proponent of keeping the prestigious titles.

On January 26, Abbott announced his intention to include British Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, on the Australian Honors List.

The decision was ridiculed by the media, the public and even by his own party fellows.

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