MVI_1361.MOV.Still004The Israel pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 welcomes visitors into an immersive visual experience that unveils some of the ultimate innovative technologies, showcases sustainable projects and narrates the lives of Israeli people.

In the entrance room actors and performers interact with the public whilst videos are projected along the walls. The first part of the exhibition narrates the story and the lives of three generations of farmers who managed to make the desert bloom.

Through memories, images and videos, visitors discover the proactive stubbornness and commitment of Israeli people but also their attitude towards hardship: “difficulties do not create problems but challenges to overtake”. A section of the exhibition is focused on the KKL-JNF’s Forest. With 240 millions planted trees in the last 70 years, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund has been reforesting Israeli landscapes. KKL-JNF gives a new chance to endangered ecosystems by storing seeds, developing seedling nurseries and planting trees.

Thanks to the contributions from Israel and worldwide, KKLJNF develops environmental and social projects allMVI_1361.MOV.Still002 across its land. Israel is the only country in the world that has more trees today than 100 years ago. Visitors are then guided into a large dark room where light installations project in the sky a virtual field and videos focused on four cutting-edge stories. Biotechnology: the re-creation of the so-called super wheat, the original and not-yet mutated grain of wheat that was cultivated in Biblical times over three thousand years ago. The other innovations on show are 3.0 agriculture which involves applying satellite and digital technology to fields management, an Israeli irrigation project in Africa and the ultimate zoo-technics for a cow-milking factory in Asia.

At the end of the exhibition guests are welcomed to an open-air relax area. A gourmet restaurant offers fresh and healthy pitstops to eat in or to take-away. The menu includes hummus, falafel, salads and traditional recipes that best represent Israeli cuisine. On the upper floor of the main building a panoramic terrace overlooks the Expo site whilst an event area hosts conferences, exhibitions and parties. A green space with trees, benches and a cobbled path runs back along the vertical field.


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