EXPO 2015, the pavilion of the Holy See: “Not only bread”

santa-sede-4_12_05_2015 11_34_45_Holy SeeThe Holy See is present in Expo2015, officially as exhibitor country with its own pavilion. “Not only bread” It is the theme that will be developed. A garden to be tended, a food to share a meal that educates, a bread that makes God present in the world are “chapters” in which organizes the exhibition based on different artistic languages, from the most traditional to the innovative. And the topic of food is an occasion for reflection and education on faith, justice, peace, relations between peoples, the economy, ecology.

The Pavilion is promoted, implemented and managed in partnership by the Pontifical Council for Culture (expression of the Holy See), the Italian Episcopal Conference, the Diocese of Milan, with the contribution of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum. The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and the Bambino Gesù are the scientific partners that will help develop and support the themes of reflection.

Centrally located in the exhibition area, the Pavilion is a kind of fixed point around which other nations take place . Watchwordtintoretto_12_05_2015 10_58_19_Holy See of the design was “sober”; the Pavilion of the Holy See is one of the smallest among those present at Expo: the base is 15 to 25 meters, for a total of 360 square meters. The overall appearance is that of a block consisting of a single material, almost like a stone, which is the threshold, the characteristic element, there is a huge yellow sail fabric that masks the input, color light and helps to make the facade similar to the Vatican flag.

The exhibition site of the Holy See is characterized by writing light and thin, steel, placed on the facade and on the outer walls with the words “not by bread alone” and “give us this day our daily bread”, translated into 13 languages.


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