An Ivory Coast economic delegation comes to Brussels. #brussels #ivorycoast #business

20150722_143020-1The Ivory Coast, the sixth emergent country is looking for new partners in Belgium. The objective of the country is to make the private sector the main engine of its growing, strong, durable, inclusive and purveyor of jobs economy.

In the Ivory Coast, 60% of the population work on the agriculture sector. In 2012,  the National Investment Agricultural Program was initiated with 3,1 billion€, where two years after, half of this amount has augmented employment, competitiveness, material quality, industrialization and product distribution.

This afternoon, the presentation of the program has taken place in Brussels, where its objective is to anounce the fact that Belgians SMEs do not know the Ivory Coast and Ivorians societies and organizations buy in France.

Moreover, the program has three different phases where the first one started last year with a visit to Brussels to make an evaluation of the opportunities. Now, we are on the second phase, based on the evaluation of the  potential that the Belgian offer represents on material inputs and production equipment. Finally, during this year and the following 2016, their mission is to include a maximum of effective action in cooperation and development programs.

coton (Large)The partners of this operation are OSMOTEAM Consulting, a Belgian company that is engaged with the stablishment
of durable relationships between Nord and South or South and South and also on accompanying investors in Africa; the other partner is the National Chamber of Agriculture of the Ivory Coast, which represents the interests of physical persons exercising one or more agricultural activities. It also  participates on agricultural development and it is the interface between  public and private administration for the activities sector.


Patricia Fernández Ruiz.



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