FOSG, New market design needs strong transmission grid #renewables #energy #EU

descarga (1)Friends of the Supergrid, (FOSG) is Europe’s largest industrial alliance for electricity interconnections. The European Commission’s consultative Communication on a new electricity market design has been well received by the company. FOSG believes that this Communication is going into the right direction of adapting the market to the new system in which renewables energies will represent at least half of the electricity production and probably more in a near future.

The European Commission has done its efforts to create an integrated and strong liquid market in all timeframes and across all regions of Europe which will improve Europe’s competitiveness and the secure supply of electricity. FOSG strongly encourages those efforts done and also supports an increased coordination of national policies that should ultimately lead to coordinated RES support schemes and a common European approach to system adequacy assessment. In a cost-effective way, these measures are crucial in achieving the European energy transition.  


To achieve success, the updated market design fit for renewables urgently needs a strong interconnected pan-European transmission grid. The Supergrid will act as the backbone of the internal market by significantly contributing to balance the power system through a continent-wide connection of areas of production with areas of high demand where citizens need their power. FOSG hopes that the policy makers will undertake more initiatives to ensure an efficient and faster permitting process, which is urgently needed for the construction of the needed infrastructure. 

FOSG will contribute with concrete proposals to this public consultation and is looking forward to the long-term work of the European Commission to implement an integrated and liquid energy market based on a pan-European Supergrid. 


Patricia Fernández Ruiz.


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