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In September 2015, a new student residence will be opened in Brussels, specifically in Rue Maurice Charlent 53 (between the metro stations of Delta and Beaulieu), very close from the VUB University and the ULB Campus de la Plaine.

The Link provides students a special accommodation, where they can enjoy the student life with high quality rooms that offer the possibility of being personalized by each occupant. The colour and the furnishment can be chosen to let students to achieve a “personal identity” ambiance to feel more comfortable.

The rooms are of different types: single, shared, studios with terraces that are perfect for couples and also at the end of each floor there will be rooms for handicapped people. Each room has a private bathroom and a private kitchen, but at the same time in each floor there is a common kitchen with a terrace to allow a space where students can feel accompanied on their meals and free time.

Sin títuloTo avoid monotony, each floor is characterized because of having a different color in the main hallway, which lets the differentiation of each floor and also it makes a perfect student environment.

This student residence has everything students need to feel like at home as on the ground floor there could be found: a library, a fitness room, a large terrace to enjoy the nice weather in summer and also with friends and last but not least, a large multipurpose space where there will be sofas, tables, coffee machines and also washing machines to make the wash more enjoyable.

The Link is not just a place to sleep, it is also a perfect place to meet new people and make your experience here so enriching while comfortable.



Patricia Fernández Ruiz.


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