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Brussels presents Wednesday May 13th  an action plan which provides a system of quotas between Member States for hosting refugees.

Unable to return to Libya since the conflict intensified last year, Amnesty International has documented.   Between August and March, the testimonies of 70 people fleeing the Libyan hell were reported. These stories of Syrians, Eritreans, Somalis, Nigerians, etc. are “chilling” in the words of Philip Luther, Director for North Africa and the Middle East in the report Migrants and refugees in Libya: the Mediterranean to escape hell published Monday, May 11.

Armed groups and criminal gangs  operate with impunity. The victims will each have experienced their share of horrors: stripped of their passports and their property, packed into awful  camps, beaten, sometimes tortured, raped, forced to forced labor when their families can not pay a ransom. Some saw their relatives killed when they tried to escape. Religious minorities, including Christians, are especially persecuted.

EU wants, among other things, a massive program of rescue at sea off the Libyan coast. And the abandonment of the plan to destroy boats smugglers, the head of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini must present today at United Nations Security Council for its approval



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