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Tremendous victory of the Conservatives. Cameron wins most seats #UK #elections #conservatives #cameron #london

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister

UPDATE. 08/05/2015 14.36 CET

It was predicted to be the UK’s tightest general elections in decades. But, the Conservatives won  326 seats. Labour are : 232 and the SNP third, with some 57 seats.

Cameron maintained his power for another round and is expected to meet the Queen, in order to form a governement. It should be noted that the Liberal Democrats only managed to maintain one seat at the European Parliament last june and that they now only possess 8 seats at Westminster.

In Scotland however, the nationalist SNP Party won over 56 seats out of 59, and now became the highest power in Scotland. The party, who has the scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon, pleads for a complete independance of Scotland and tends to be influent by itself, without any external influence.

Ed Miliband shared his disappointment in his first speech following the publication of the results, and is probably going to resigne in the upcoming days, as the deputy prime minister Nick Glegg (LibDems) who saved his ow seat but had to suffer a terrific defeat for his party.


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