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by Noelle Paré


international consultant

Under the presidence of Louis Michel, Minister of State, MEP and Co-President of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly ACP-EU, a dialogue meeting was held at the European Parliament as part of the 2015-2024 International Decade for people of African descent and the search for peace and sustainable development in the world, especially in the Great Lakes Region.
This dialogue involving members of civil society and the diaspora in the countries concerned is an initiative that not only has to be encouraged but also welcomed.

For this ambitious program, the European Commission clearly appears as a privileged partner of the people involved for their economic and cultural salvation in an essential regional integration development system. The strong mobilization of stakeholders for this meeting, as the fact that critical account was held of the worrying situation in Burundi and in the short and medium term risks of spreading unrest throughout the Great Lakes region, demonstrated that all the stakeholders of the civil society  want to work together for a cross-border equitable development.

e have to ad that the audience was struck by  the absence of representatives of various embassies of the concerned countries  and political representatives or leader.

Today, all the actors of the Great Lakes Region welcome Europe for its commitment to structural reforms, maintaining the safety of persons, fair exploitation of natural resources and helping to organize   democratic elections including applications of all stakeholders in line with the peace agreement signed in Addis Ababa 2013. However, they warn us about the risks of actions performed in defiance of common sense and without effective control of the results.
Participants noted with enthusiasm through the presentation of the situation by Mr. Douglas Carpenter, Representative of the European External Action Service and Deputy Head of the Central Africa and Great Lakes Division, the awareness that the European Commission’s economic potential the region and the negative impact of the decision of current President of Burundi to represent against the constitutional law of the country. Mr. Douglas emphasized the material injury Aura decision on national reconciliation and development.
By cons, those present could only grieve the doublespeak of Deputy Head of the Central Africa and Great Lakes Division has one hand urged the various political parties and leaders to consider the best interests of countries and also announced the dispatch of observers at great expense for electoral votes despite the illegitimacy of the known constitution lists.

Indeed, the words of Mr. Douglas, Deputy Director have left no hope that the European observers denounce or prevent pre-election maneuvers of the ruling power using unacceptable means (imprisonment , expatriation, violence, banning political rallies) of opposition leaders and their supporters.
When Europe will take the measure of his responsibility in the establishment of perennial as legitimate democracies in Africa? How can European leaders accept conditions that can only lead to frustration and anger come and advertise their pious wishes to be “observers” of inclusive and peaceful elections?

When we understand the importance of position ourselves for democracy unconditionally refusing a situation which makes the exclusion of legitimate and representative applications of a population to despair and acceptance by our European political leaders to an unconstitutional candidacy by to the laws of the country concerned?

According to our sources the cost of our scandalous European participation in this “theatrical performance” does not conform to the most basic human rights to the Europeans will cost $ 8 million. Impossible to evaluate what the cost to European countries and to international and domestic investors in these regions which will then help necessary for the repression of a population that European leaders now fear the revolt after the announcement of the election.
Let us all be responsible! Groupon us before and not after the drama!

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