Botero, Via crucis in Palermo

The “Via Crucis”, or “The way of the Cross” is a ritual reflecting on the painful route of Jesus Christ going to 00062.MTS.Still002the crucifixion on the Golgota. During the Holy Week, Christians pray in front of fourteen images, named “The Stations” of Christ’s passion.

Fernando Botero’s art works collected for the exhibition “VIA CRUCIS la pasiòn de Cristo” represents a change inside his artistic career, without covering its original and peculiar language the same that let him become famous.

As stated by the curator, Conrado Uribe, for the first time, in the artist’s works introducing the drama, and it’s for this reason that his work could be considered as a new course. Here the continuity of what belongs to the past accompanies the transformation enriching and enhancing the work and the resulting interpretation. Important changes, surely, in the career of the artist.

The exhibition situated at the Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo, it will last until the 21st July 2015.

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