2,6 million Euros allocated by Belgium to the Syrian humanitarian crisis. #begov #belgium #syria #openvld


Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation Alexander De Croo agreed to release 2,6 million Euros for the funding of  three humanitarian projects supporting Syrian refugees. The humanitarian crisis in Syria enters its fifth year. Almost half of the Syrian population had to leave their homes and more than 3,9 million Syrians have fled to neighboring countries.

A part of these funds, 844.288 Euros, will be released to fund  a project of the Red Cross in Lebanon focusing on food safety. In the region, Lebanon is the country most affected by the refugee crisis: on a population of 4,5 million inhabitants, there are 1,2 million refugees, the highest ratio of refugees in the world. This causes an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and a severe food shortage. With these funds, the Red Cross will be able to provide food to 20.000 Syrian refugees for a period of six months.

Minister De Croo also allocates 800.000 Euros to Handicap International Belgium. The Belgian NGO will support victims of the Syrian conflict who became disabled. An estimated 1,1 million people got injured during the Syrian conflict. Many of them became disabled for life. In addition to physical and psychological rehabilitation, the project of Handicap International Belgium provides in the supply of prostheses.

The remaining 1.019.077 Euros will be allocated to the Flemish Red Cross for the delivery of personal hygiene kits for women, babies and the elderly in refugee camps. With this funding, the Red Cross will be able to provide assistance for one year to 47,000 people. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent will also get support.

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