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Didier Reynders welcomes the successful elections in Tunisia


Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders welcomes the successful electoral process in Tunisia during the last three months. Together with the High Representative of the EU, he presents his congratulations to Mr. Beji Saïd Essebsi on his election to the Presidency of the Republic.

Minister Reynders congratulates the Tunisian people on the success of this electoral process, that caps a transition period that started nearly four years ago, just after the Tunisian Revolution of January 2011. This success brings hope to the whole region and to all people who wish to live in a democratic country that respects their rights and liberties.

The Minister confirms that Belgium will continue its support to Tunisia in consolidating its democracy and in the framework of the reforms necessary for an economic and social transition. He remains committed to strengthening the ties between Tunisia and Belgium.

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