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The Belgian Foreign Ministry announces closure of Belgian Embassy in Kabul and Consulate in Toronto


Didier Reynders, belgian minister of foreign affairs


The Foreign Ministry announces the closure of the Belgian Embassy in
Kabul and of the Consulate in Toronto. Afghanistan will be added to
the jurisdiction of the Belgian Embassy in Islamabad (Pakistan). The
competences of the consulate in Toronto (Canada) will be transferred
to the Consulate General of Belgium in Montreal.

The closure of the Belgian Embassy in Kabul is organised in close
cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and is scheduled to be
completed by the end of January 2015. The closure of the Consulate in
Toronto will take place before the end of December 2014.

The closure in Kabul is justified by the upcoming completion of the
Belgian military mission in Afghanistan after 10 years of presence in
the country. Coupled with the closure in Toronto, these decisions must
be viewed in the context of a broader exercise of optimisation and
rationalisation of the network of diplomatic and consular posts. The
savings are induced by the current budgetary situation in all
government services.

Structural reforms will be effectively needed to enable the Foreign
Ministry to continue carrying out its tasks in a context of fiscal
austerity, as announced in the policy paper presented last Friday by
Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders. The diplomatic network
will be rationalised on the basis of objective studies. The
optimisation of our real estate assets abroad will also be continued.

With a network of more than 100 career posts in the world and on every
continent, the Foreign Ministry promotes the interests and values of
Belgium among its partners and in international organizations. The FPS
is also serving daily the 500,000 Belgian expatriates as well
as compatriots traveling abroad.

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