Play Europe, the ideas of young people for the future of the conference Elisan

Social inclusion, volunteering, employment and business, education, family-work balance and creativity: a delegation of young people in Europe, including two Italians, presented in Brussels the cornerstones of the future European social policy during the annual conference of the network Elisan. The project is, Play Europe, with the priorities that the EU should invest in the programming period 2014-2020 and 2021-2027. Fifty boys from six regions of the same number of EU countries (Italy, Croatia, Spain, Holland, Belgium and Greece) have met regularly over a year to find European guidelines that improve not only the social and labor inclusion of young people but of all European citizens.

Enrico Capiozzo (Venice) and Alessandro Dal Col (Vittorio Veneto, TV) speak of “North-South differences at European level in the short term but in the long-term common goals.” Regarding the employment sector, the two boys, on behalf of the project, asking for more support, not only economic, but also in administrative simplification for start-ups today facing a market too diversified within the EU. In their presentation, the students also spoke of “corporate culture” and the need “to provide specific courses within the school forms.” And then a new role for volunteering in Europe, which “must be made ​​known and valued,” and “more creativity in all aspects of society and the European economy in order to promote innovation and inclusion.”

Play Europe is a project financedby theEurope for CitizensProgramme2007 – 2013and is aimed atpromotingyouth leadershipat EU level.The action wasmade ​​possiblethanks to the coordinationofElisan, chaired by the Veneto Region. The resultof this work, aftertoday’s presentationto theEconomic and Social Committee, EESC, will be madefree download fromPlay Europe web site. These guidelineswill then beincluded in areport calledthe “EuropeanSocialAgenda27″andgivento MEPsof the respectivecommitteesof jurisdiction.

The conference was also attended by Davide Bendinelli, new Regional Councillor for Social Policies: “With a new European Parliament and a new Commission after review of the Europe 2020 strategy, this event is useful to take stock of the social policy, to continue to strengthen the network built over the years between the regions and the cities participating in Elisan and to give a valid point of reference to the Commission and other European bodies, “said Bendinelli. The annual conference of Elisan also saw a successful conclusion of the presidency of the network, carried out to date by the Veneto Region with Mr. Remo Sernagiotto, now MEP but until recently working as a counselor for Social Policies. With new elections at Elisan, the presidency went to Sylvie Carrega, deputy Mayor of Marseille, Vice President of UNCCAS.

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