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Our publisher speaks out. “Scotland says yes to the Union Jack”


Union jack: hugely symbolic.

From the banks of the Thames to the old city of Cambridge, from the most remote scenic Lochs of Scotland to the beautiful Isle of Lewis, the  Union Jack still  flies proudly to symbolize the unity of England and Scotland.

The separatist wishes of SNP (Scottish National Party) of First Minister Alex Salmond were stopped by the people of Scotland who preferred tehir Union Jack -one for which they fought so hard, that for which their ancestors, their best children gave their lives- to the uncertain adventure of an independent Scotland that would have strengthened the fragmentation of Europe as we have known it in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with duchies and principalities that were all sources of conflict and instability on the continent.

The victory of NO and of all those who say “better together” has killed the dream of independence, this of those who were  ambushed in other parts of Europe and who dreamed of a big night of regionalism because they don’t  dare to say the “nationalism” of their small area.
The bold “NO”  yesterday is also a defeat for the Catalans who imagine such a referendum or some members of the belgian flemish nationalists.  “Better Together” is also the idea behind the European Union, as it was conceived at the time of the Treaty of Rome, a Europe of sovereign nationswhich cooperate together.

This is a “YES” to the beautiful British nation, its history and its glorious past of over 300 years. 300 years can be wipped out just because of the dreams of ambitious politicians.  This “YES” is the YES  we love. A proud yes to the Union Jack, the Queen and the balanced institutions that made the people of Britain so special and so attractive  in Europe.



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