Djibouti Independence Day is facing terrorist’s threat


Every year the Djibouti Independence Day is celebrated on  June 27th. This date is a really special and important moment for the country and its citizens. In fact, it marks the day that Djibouti won its independence. Djibouti is a former french colony.

In 1977, 98,8% of the people voted for an independence of their country. From this day Djibouti is known as the Republic of Djibouti. His first president was Hassan Gouled Aptidon who quickly established a unique politic system in the new “Republic”.

This Independence Day is celebrated with the best African local traditions. The day is marked by a president and other important speeches. A lot of singing, dancing and parades occur all day long too. The military parade takes a big place. The troops of Djibouti, France, Germany and USA use to parade with some military troops too. The national anthem is played for this occasion and the parades are led by a marching band.

This year the Independence Day takes another special taste for Djiboutian people. Djibouti is engaged in the fight against maritime piracy  and terrorism  with the AMISOM forces. So, the country  has to face some terrorism strikes  as it happened on May 24th.

Police and national forces took a lot of precautions in order to protect the people and let them celebrate  the most important day of the year in Djibouti. However the threat is today clearly present and we will look after this event, praying that nothing  happens to a country that only wanted to celebrate its history.


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