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On the occasion of Expo 14-18 at the Royal Museum of Army and Military History, the Mini-Europe Park in Brussels devotes a scale model to the victims of the First World War.


A new scale model at Mini-Europe park in Brussels has been launched. The beautiful place located at the foot of the Atomium where people have a whitlestop tour around Europe in a few shorthours. The image of the ‘Flanders Fields’ recalls the price paid in human lives from several European countries during the Great War, a common catastrophe that was not enough, however, as an example for the future. ‘In these times of crisis and years of memories of the 14-18 war, let us not forget that the European Union and the euro continued solidarity between Europeans. There 100 years, nationalism and competition between nations led war on us’, considers the Director of Mini-Europe Thierry Meeùs, who attended the event and presented the new scale model to journalists and visitors.


The First World War had a physical, mental and broad social impact on Europeans: about 18 million soldiers and civilians were killed and numerous others injured, then there was a period of extreme poverty that killed still others. New social categories emerged, such as that of the soldier, and the madness of the men who caused this war left its imprint on european art, licterature and ideologies. Empires and dynasties were brought down in front of the democratic progress. In the midst of all different sides of european countries, Mini-Europe has chosen to place a symbol common to all.









Claudio SANNA

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