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For the first time ever, an independent luxury hotel is revealed through a comic strip , according to Belgian talent and tradition. On the occasion of this event , Le Châtelain Boutique Hotel opens its doors with an exhibition of original drawings calling ‘A Place to Fall in Love’, created exclusively by Christian Jacot for this wonderful place in the heart of the city Brussels. If luxury hotel is an art, comics is another . That ‘s why there was an interesting prestentation dedicated to one of the few independent  5 stars hotels  in Brussels, held for 14 years by the Belgian family group who established them. Le Châtelain, a luxury offer that excels with oversize and refined performances, acclaimed by its international high -end customers. Hotel Le Chatelain invests and innovates in 2014, with a special look to the future. It has just renovated its rooms and its services , without forgetting the importance of a good team to provide customers . It promotes high quality, craftsmanship and sense of hospitality that characterizes the Belgian hospitality sector.

The idea of ​​creating a comic strip is born from the desire of the owner to reveal the surprising life of the hotel sinceBD1 its inception. This art allows all the fantasies and reveals  easy to illustrate original and multiple sceneries which take place in  the world of this luxury hotel; The coming strip is an art which opens all doors  possible, especially in a place that attracts their customers through technology and comfort suites , dedicated to the well-being and to a great culinary art.

‘A Place to Fall in Love’ by Jacot , a comic strip that is distinguished by its classic style and vintage character , describes the landscape and life in the magnificent building, with a graphic that is similar to Largo Winch and coloring made ​​’ old ‘ to keep some simplicity and clarity of the narrative . The owners want to create a series and a proposed film adaptation is being discussed. The cartoon published in 1000 copies will be offered to the best customers and privileged contacts of the hotel. Then it goes on sale .



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Claudio SANNA

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