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A woman with an umbrella depicting the lAfter european elections, eurosceptic parties have made significant gains in several countries: while some of these parties fiercely anti-euro and anti-European Union had already settled in european parliament, newcomers have made surprising scores and will be entering for the first time.

What are the causes of this wave of Euroscepticism? We can find them in a general loss of confidence on the part of member States towards european institutions, in reference to the latest political and economic European Union’s choices: austerity policies, immigration, free trade, management of the single currency are the main causes of this protest expressed through elections. In front of a participation rate remained stable at 43%, this displeasure has had an impact on voting, widely followed by the international press.

The europhobe Indipendence Party is well ahead in the UK, before traditional parties, with a historic score of 28% of the vote. At this stage, the Ukip has 18 seats, the Conservatives at 13 (23.9%) and the Labours 13 (23.8)%. ‘People are deeply disappointed by the European Union’, said british Prime Minister David Cameron.

The National Front, with 24-25% of the vote, won the European elections in France, significantly outpacing the UMP (20-21%). ‘The people have spoken loud and clear’, told the triumphant party leader Marine Le Pen. The result was described as “a shock, an earthquake” by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

The extreme right also won the elections in Denmark. The Austrian party of the extreme right FPO earn 7 points more than expected, with a total of 20% of the vote. Germany sends a neo-Nazi MEP in Strasbourg.

In Greece, the radical left party Syriza won with an expected result between 26 and 29%, ahead of New Democracy (PPE) Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, to 23-26%, while un Greek on ten voted for Golden Dawn (9,3%).


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