From our special correspondant in Cannes: Olivier BULTO

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Yesterday was  the final day of the 67th cinema Festival in Cannes


In the category “a Certain Look”, the Hungarian movie of the director Kornel Mundruczo “Feher Isten” was rewarded, and Ruben Oestrund’s Swedish movie “Turist” received the prize of the Jury. All these projections are an opportunity to discover new films and especially new talents. We had the occasion to view during this Festival 2014, 18 selected movies in the official competition. Good or maybe less good ones, everything is a question of personal appreciation, but especially the revelation or the confirmation of some great actors. But at the end the Jury will pronounce his verdict. Despite some favorites, the suspense remains intact and only one thing is sure for now, the new Festival’s President for next year will be Pierre Lescure. 

In the official selection, a few good films are to point out, as “Timbuktu” of Abderrahmane Sissoko, or the Dardenne brothers developing a social and humanist cinemavery dramatic. With their film “2 jours, 1 nuit”. Quoting Luc Dardenne: “Sandra does not condemn people, because she understands and knows the value of 1000 €uros”. Two other movies made also great impression on the festival-goers: “Mommy” of the Canadian director Xavier Dolan and “Jimmy’s Hall” of Ken Loach, not only their movies but also their leading role. Acted by Antoine Olivier Pilon in “Mommy”, and Barry Ward in “Jimmy’s Hall”. Two names to remain for the interpretation prize.


“Jimmy’s Hall” tells us the story of Jimmy Gralton in the post revolution period in Ireland, in 1921, Jimmy’s sin was to build a dance hall on a rural crossroads, where young people could come to learn, to argue, to dream…and above all to dance and have fun. Only to celebrate the spirit of free-thinkers, but in a time of crisis, and the opposition of the Church and the rich landowners.

“Mommy” is a magnificent scenario played by even more stunning actors, a widowed single mom finds herself burdened with the full-time custody of her explosive 15-year-old son. As they try to make ends, meet and struggle with their impetuous and unpredictable household. The new neighboring girl across the street, Kyla, benevolently offers needed support. Together, they find a new sense of balance, and hope is regained… 


Meanwhile the Festival in full swing, teams competing films are still climbing the steps, workshops “haute couture” and hairdressers of the stars are overwhelmed, festival-goers are breathless… In short, Cannes is a beautiful open window on the discovery of long orshort films participating in the various competitions: the official selection, a certain look, Cannes classics, the two weeks of the directors, the film market, the week of the criticism, short films,…


To note that a selection of movies having participated in the ” Week of the Directors ” during this Festival 2014 will be viewed in the “Cinematek” of Brussels, during the week from 20 till 26 June 2014.


Olivier Bulto

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