Saturday, May 17th about 100,000 people have participated in or witnessed the belgian Pride, a big show organized in Brussels to celebrate the freedom of sexual choices of each person.


This year, the Pride had been taking place exactly one week before the regional, federal and European elections and concided with the International Day against Homophobia. Even though the event being the apotheosis of the Pride Festival that runs from 2nd to 17th of may, the celebration opened the European Gay Pride Season with music, shows, entertainment and an incredibily colourful parade amused participants from late morning to night.


The procession started from the Boulevard Anspach (Bourse), where it returned (De Brouckère) after a tour through the streets of the city center. To attend this young-looking event, there were also many families and the Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo.



The year’s theme, with an intentional reference to the next European elections, were “Choose Equality”! Belgium may well be ahead of other countries concerning the LGB-legislation, but there is still a great deal of work that has to be done in the domain of legislation for special cases and concerning the mentality changes.








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