Greece, a beautiful country with good food and a great culture and a long history

Greece, a beautiful country with good food and a great culture and a long history

A Discovering Network announces the launch of a its new website

A Discovering Networking, a non-profit association based in Belgium is
launching today its new website that represents one year of intensive voluntary
work in search and collection of information on Mediterranean treasures and Greek and Cypriot products that
you can find in Belgium.
The association runs since 2013 the campaign “Discovering Greek Products in Belgium” and this site will also  contribute to this effort.

It is the beginning of a discovering journey where the involvement of people like you will be valuable. The aim
is to create a unique network of three main elements: the traders, the products and the consumers. The idea is to
connect people, share information and jointly participate in actions.

A membership affiliation (individual and corporate) will provide an additional boost to the supported network.
Members will enjoy several benefits and rewards from a wide variety of products and services, by simply using
a membership card. The plan would be to cover not only Belgium but connect us with Greece. Other countries
could also be added in the future.

The website gives the opportunity to companies and services to make known
their Mediterranean products to the public. Starting with Greek and Cypriot products, the end user has an
efficient tool and platform to easily find Greek traders and products in Belgium with just one click, to share its
discoveries and support them. Interaction is a key facet of the new website where the end user can upload Greek  discoveries creating a new web library, accessible to everybody.

This is not all you get!
Lots of information will be available such as articles concerning Greek nutrition and Greek recipes, restaurants
advices, events organized in Belgium concerning Greek products and projects where A Discovering Network is
participating or organizing. The objective is to increase the awareness on the Mediterranean way of living,  culture and find the things that connect us.

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