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UnionJack had the privilege to be received by H.E. Jonathan BRENTON, Britsh Ambassador to Belgium, in his residence to deliver a message about the relationships between the UK and Belgium.


H.E. Ambassador Jonathan BRENTON

H.E. Ambassador Jonathan BRENTON

H.E. Jonathan BRENTON took up his post as the British Ambassador to Belgium in May 2010. Before that, he was Head of the Joint Management Office, responsible for the 3 British missions and the devolved administrations in Brussels. He was also Press Attaché at the British Embassy in Berlin, and commercial & economic officer at the British Embassy in Moscow.

Jonathan began his career in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1994.While in London he covered EU issues and Africa. He has a PhD in English Literature from Cambridge and studied 2 years at Boston University. He is married to Sayana, and has three children.

H.E. Ambassador BRENTON emphasized the strong and old ties between Belgium and the UK. Most of them very present in our memories due to the two world wars and the presence of the belgian governement in London between 1940-1945. There were also so many belgian volonteers fighting for liberty in the R.AF. in this disastrous period.

We’ll all remember that 100 years after WW Ist when so may belgian and british soldiers lost their lives in Flanders Fields and elsewhere.

An exceptional testimony of the wonderful links between our two nations.


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