The Swiss students will be excluded from the EU’s Erasmus Plus Exchange programme.

Brussels has taken this decision after the referendum in Switzerland which will limit the European migration in the country. Laszlo Andor, the EU Employment Commissioner, said “I want to make very clear that this freeze of negotiations is not a punishment or sanctions of the expression of the Swiss electorate but a logical consequence of the choice Switzerland itself has made, the consequence which is really well known before.”

In consequence of the referendum, Switzerland refused to grant the liberty of movement for the Croatian workers in spite of this freedom has existed since the foundation of the European Community in 1957 and in the Schengen agreements. “The Swiss students won’t participate in the next Erasmus Exchange because of the Croatian restrictions” said Wednesday Olivier Bailly.

Mario Borghezio, MEP of the Italy’s Northern League, protests against the EU decision. “EU is not a democracy. This is a clear sign of a European dictatorship”, denounced Borghezio during Andor’s Speech.

Mattia Sozio

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