The Swiss people took their decision.


In the last referendum about immigration, the Helvetic citizens decided to curb the flow of the EU migrants because of the effects of the European crisis, especially regarding at the decrease of the employment and the growing number of EU newcomers. The referendum showed a split vote as only the 50,3% of participants were in favor with fewer than 30 000 votes separating the two sides.

EU officials have already expressed their disappointment at the Swiss referendum result.

Berlin described the outcome as something against the Switzerland’s owns economic interest: many bilateral agreements could strike with European Union and EU internal market. The French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, defined it as “worrying” and affirmed that EU will have to review relations with Zurich after the vote. For the European Commission, the vote is against the freedom of movement which is one of the “sacred” liberties in Europe.

The campaign “stop mass migration” found a strong support in the German and Italian speaking parts as well as in the rural areas, the most worried regions about EU migration flow.

Is the Swiss referendum a victory of democracy or a sign of an increasing populism in the Europe of the crisis?

Mattia Sozio

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