The European electricity industry has called on the European and national policymakers to take measures that would ‘re-orient energy policy towards cost-efficiency and competitiveness’.

In a ‘Manifesto’ presented to EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger today, the electricity industry calls on national and European policymakers to adopt a more coherent and European approach to energy and climate policies, so as to reduce those policies’ costs while increasing their impact.

In particular, policymakers should pursue decarbonisation in a more cost-efficient way, restrict market interventions and distortions, and empower electricity customers while keeping bills in check.

The document was adopted by the EURELECTRIC Board of Directors on behalf of the electricity industry in 31 European countries.

Energy is a major EU economic policy. It fuels growth in living standards and is the backbone of a healthy economy. Policymakers must take greater care to avoid policy-induced inefficiencies and market distortions that are unnecessarily pushing up the costs of providing electricity and raising the bills for Europe’s customers. National regulatory initiatives without consideration for their impact on other member states cannot remain the rule. Only a true European approach can ensure renewed investment in the future – to the benefit of European businesses and households alike,’commented EURELECTRIC Secretary General Hans ten Berge.

Titled ‘Manifesto for a balanced, more efficient European energy policy’, the document lists a series of actions that policymakers should take to ensure ‘power for a competitive Europe’. They are grouped under three themes:

  • Delivering cost-efficient, competitive energy for Europe’s businesses and customers;
  • Securing supply through competitiveness and innovation;
  • Reducing environmental and climate impact.

The Manifesto was handed over to Commissioner Oettinger by EURELECTRIC Board Members Wolfgang Anzengruber (CEO, Verbund AG, Austria) and Oluf Ulseth (CEO, Energi Norge, Norway).

The Manifesto initiative provides a compass for the major political issues in which the electricity industry would like to see progress within the next 12 months. As such it adds further strength to voices speaking out in favour of a new approach to European energy policy, a debate launched last year by the ‘Magritte Group’ of energy CEOS, among them several EURELECTRIC members.

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