As chairman of the ALDE-group in the european parliament,  Guy Verhofstadt welcomed lots of high personnalities for the ALDE (Alliance of liberals and democrats for Europe) new year’s party yesterday night in Brussels. Commissionners Maelström and De Gucht, belgian minister of foreign affairs Didier Reynders, belgian first deputy-president of the Senate Armand de Decker, some ambassadors and ELDR party chairman Graham Watson MEP  were present to celebrate 2014 with the ALDE MEP’s and their assistants and staffs. Also lobbyists and members of think thank wanted to be present to exchange their best wishes for 2014

VerhofstadtIn a remarkable and short speech of about three minutes, Guy Verhofstadt summarised his thoughts about how the liberal group in the European parliament has to go twoards the next european elections.

1. The best  has to be chosen to be the ALDE-candidate for the presidency of the European Commission. We know that both european commissionner Olli Rehn and Guy Verhofstadt would like to be this person

2. A convergency program on european level will be soon established

3. Guy Verhofstatdt is trying to obtain the enlargement of the ALDE-group member parties. Some negociations are ongoing in different countries of Europe to welcome nw member parties who’ll strive for 2014 election win.

Guy Verhofstadt also expressed his fear of a victory of eurosceptics during 2014 general election. As he already emphasized on belgian liberal party meeting (VLD) in Brussels, the solution is more Europe for problems as immigration, climate change, toxic financial products. Europe is the solution according to the former belgian prime minister.


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