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Social entrepreneur Liz Ellenz.

Social entrepreneur Liz Ellenz.

At the moment is Liz Ellen, a young mannequin, socialite and social entrepreneur of Centrafrican descent  who lives already for a long time in Belgium, in her native country: the centrafrican republic to provide help to people concerned by the civil war raging over there.

Liz went recently back to her native country, as she had founded on herself her association before: “JE NE SUIS PAS SEUL” to provide over there help to people in need in her native country.

The association has the following goals: provide assistance to the poorest with food, water, shelter for homelesshome ; provide assistance to victims of rape, physical abuse and others such assistance extendsalso excised girls , orphans as abandoned children ; provide information on health, epidemics, sex diseases ; take care of tuitionchildren 5-18 years whose parents are precarious situation; support students experiencing difficulties to continue their higher education ; establish reception centers for more old and young , short or long term , provide accommodation , indoor relaxation areasand external to the people who have greatly desired ; develop and support projects socio -economic development ; promote the right of every childaccess to a school or center education .

A picture is more worth than many words.

A picture is more worth than many words. Action during Christmas day in Bangui


Liz providing food to starving people

Liz providing food to starving people

Liz sends us an urgent call for financial support because the needs are enormous due to the crisis in the country. As an independant NGO, Liz only receive support from donators. She needs your help to continue helping these poor people over there right now !

You can send your gifts to the following bank account  : Bank : IBAN BE73 000 416 223 360 BIC:BPOTBEB1 of « Je ne suis pas seul » asbl, based in Belgium. 





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