Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Belgium Didier Reynders regrets the decision of the Ukrainian government to postpone negotiations on the Association Agreement with the European Union. Minister Reynders calls on Ukraine to continue to invest in the relationship with the EU. “This is not only beneficial for progress in universal norms and values ​​, but also has economic and commercial opportunities”, he said

Our minister of foreign affairs  pic:

Our minister of foreign affairs

Didier Reynders believes it is important to keep in close contact and continue to work for Ukraine to continue to determine its level of cooperation with the EU independently and without external pressure.

On the eve of the summit in Vilnius, Minister Reynders called on other countries of the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan , Belarus, Georgia and Moldova) to continue to pursue the objectives of the partnership. The Eastern Partnership is a dynamic and future-oriented program wherein each of the 6 countries decides independently of political association and economic cooperation with the EU. The decision of the Ukraine should not have any impact on the opportunities that the Eastern Partnership offers to other countries.

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