Copa-Cogeca (european farmers and agri-cooperatives) held a  key event in  the European Parliament to better inform consumers of the qualities of olive oil


Copa-Cogeca held a key event in European Parliament today, hosted by MEP Mr Capoulas Santos, to highlight the major benefits of olive oil and ensure that consumers are better informed about the quality of this product.


At the event, MEPs Mr Luis Manuel  Capoulas Santos (Pt, S&D)  and Mr Sergio Silvestris (I, EPP), outlined measures considered vital to better inform consumers of the quality of the product and of the different categories and qualities that exist for olive oil . This will ensure that consumers know what they are getting.

olivierSpeaking at the event, Copa-Cogeca Working Party Vice-Chairman on Olive Oil Mr Falcão said “In view of recent developments concerning measures to promote the quality of agricultural products throughout the whole supply chain, right down to the consumer, I am glad to see that our event interested many Members of European Parliament. Consumers need to know about the quality of olive oil they buy and need to trust its authenticity. That is why European Parliament needs to broaden discussions on measures designed to promote the quality of olive oil. It is a product which has many nutritional and health benefits with a high level of antioxidative properties. It is essential to adopt special measures to enhance and protect the quality of olive oil, and prevent abusive practices which affect consumer confidence in these products”.

 Copa-Cogeca Secretary-General  Pekka Pesonen said “In spite of the difficult market situation, producers and cooperatives have made a great deal of effort and made big investments to improve the quality of olive oil, yet this has neither been recognised by the market, nor consumers. It is crucial that the Commissionmoves ahead with implementing the EU Commission Action Plan to improve the viability and competitiveness of the EU Olive Oil Sector.  Farmers need better returns from the market in order to improve the sustainability of this type of production, especially as it is mainly found in areas hit by the economic crises. The event was widely attended by MEPs, EU Commission and Council officials, media, consumers and other stakeholders and included an olive oil tasting session 

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