Delphine Bourgeois, Alderwoman for Europe in the city of Ixelles is an engaged pro-european citizen and politician. She believes Europe is positive for Brussels and her city: Ixelles.

Alderwoman Delphine Bourgeois with belgian MEP Louis Michel (MR/ALDE)

Alderwoman Delphine Bourgeois with belgian MEP Louis Michel (MR/ALDE)

Delphine Bourgeois(Mouvement Réformateur, liberals) has always been really intrested by european affairs, during her studies at the UCL and later when she worked for more than 12 years as a Eu-lobbyist for animal welfare. She now draws her attentions to SME’s and foreign entrepreneurship in Brussels and is member of the cabinet of Sabine Laruelle, the belgian minister for entrepreneurship.

Recently, Delphine Bourgeois told the newspaper La Capitale that she’s very rejoiced with the presence of the european institutions in Brussels and in Europe. The internationalisation of the Brussels region has been very positive for the business. Europe weights today 14pc on the regional GDP. In Ixelles, there is a huge population of european citizens: 28520 on 83519, thus a third of the whole inhabitants of Ixelles are european citizens. The back of the european parliament, near to the museum of natural sciences is situated in Ixelles, the Place du Luxembourg is in Ixelles and it’s obvious that pubs and restaurants directly benefit from the close presence of eurocrats in Ixelles.

To strengthen the ties between Ixelles and its european citizens, the youg female politician intends to create a dialog committee in the city to get a better daily life for everyone.


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