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In the splendid frame of the new EYE film museum in Amsterdam ‘Fellini – The Exhibition’ from 30 June to 22 September is dedicated to Federico Fellini one of the most image-defining masters of post-war Italian cinema.

The Exhibition, arranged as a visual laboratory, reveals the sources of Fellini’s fertile imagination and shows how Fellini created a mythical image of himself and of Italian life both in his films and in the world at large.

It is an immersion on the Italian film history with fragments of film drawings made by Fellini, photographs of behind the scenes, Fellini’s advertising films and the countless images from his dreams that inspired him to realize mythical movies like La Strada, La dolce vita and . An image emerges of a man who constantly gave new interpretations to his youth, his dreams and the unconsciously evoked images and stories.

At the inauguration in Amsterdam participated also the guest star Mrs Anita Ekberg one of the “Maestro’s” most loved actress who represented the opulent years of La dolce vita.

The exhibition is made possible with collaboration and support from Fellini Fondation for Cinema (Sion, Switzerland). “This is another important exhibition that testifies the worldwide interests on Federico Fellini, our Fondation will continue more and more to promote Fellini and I hope that our consolidate experience in organizing various exhibitions all over the world we will help us to expand our open platform of cultural partners” comments Stephane Marti, President of the Fellini Foundation.

The Fellini Fondation for film, established 2001 in Sion, owns the largest collection in the world related to Federico Fellini and thousand other directors. These 15,000 documents, including drawings, photographs, scripts, letters, posters, artifacts, costumes, production stuff and press releases, were presented by the Fellini Fondation in fifty exhibitions and events around the world.




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