EU commissioner Viviane Reding met her luxemburg citizens in a get-together in Esch sur Alzette.

Commissionner Reding with two members of last week

Commissionner Reding with two members of last week

Here are the main points following the opinion of commissionner Reding:

“1. Data protection

Data protection is a fundamental right in the EU. I will fight for high data protection standards. The recent data protection scandals in the U.S. and the UK have been a wake-up call. In future, Goliath will be fighting against Goliath.

2. Free Movement

The right to free movement is a fundamental right and a central pillar of European integration. In these economically difficult times it seems easier for some to give in to populism and to forget the great achievement that is Europe’s open borders. This is not a solution. The right to free movement is not up for negotiation.

3. Youth unemployment

No person under 25 should have to wait more than four months for a job, a traineeship or an apprenticeship. The EU is providing more than €6 billion and the Commission has proposed to advance the funding of concrete projects so that the money can start flowing as soon as possible. Member States must act swiftly now and provide us with concrete proposals.

4. Solidarity

Solidarity is not a one-way street. Europe helps, but what can citizens do to help Europe? Wouldn’t it be a good idea if Europeans living in countries that are economically better off, ‘sponsor’ the young and unemployed in countries whose economies are in trouble? Perhaps a type of “solidarity sponsorship” could be envisaged? Shouldn’t we Luxembourgers take a leading role in solidarity projects like these?

5. Europe’s future

Citizens see light at the end of the tunnel. All EU countries are consolidating their budgets and reforming their labour markets. Competitiveness is improving. We are fixing our problems. We Europeans need to be more self-confident. Let us not complain but roll up our sleeves and continue to work to improve things.

6. Luxembourg

We have got used to the sun shining on us. But good weather cannot be taken for granted. We have to get ourselves in shape for the future.”

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