The Italian artist Vincenzo Balsamo one of the most important living representatives of Italian abstract art exhibits his paintings in Brussels from 13th May to 17th July.


preview413x316_20110416084132_08___olio_su_tela_cm_150x200___2010___Yesterday__Today____ForeverThe thought becomes sign, the color becomes light” is the name of the exhibition. Two basics elements of the arts of M Balsamo are signs and light. As suggested by the art critic Mario Bologna, “the signs are “docile and obedient” and sometimes assume an automatic character pursuing forms and figures that seem to acquire consistency only when they are “named”, or made to appear upon the canvas, by the artist. The variegated texture of color that accompanies the signs and lines of the work is another emotional field in which the artist leaves marks and gesture driving from the most profound reaches of his imagination”.

M Balsamo with his paintings exhibited at the European Commission, provides us a clear picture of what is the abstract movement of the first decade of the 20th century until today. His art symbolically encloses a half century of abstraction. had the opportunity to have an interview with the artist :

Practical information

Exhibition from 13-05 to 17-07 at the “Restaurant 29” Rue de la Science 29, Brussels.

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