Jura is a French Department named after the Jura mountain range. It is one of the four Departments that make up the Franche-Comté Region. The Plaine jurassienne (flat open country) borders onto Burgundy to the west, while mountains separate the Department from Switzerland to the East. The landscape gradually changes as you move from west to east and the altitude increases in steps akin to a staircase.


Each step corresponds to a different area referred to as pays each one with its own identity and culture:

  • Le Pays Dolois and la Bresse Jurassienne (between 200 and 400m altitude)
  • Le Vignoble (wine-growing area) and le Revermont (between 200 and 500m altitude)
  • Le Pays des Lacs (lake region) and la Petite Montagne (low mountains) (between 400 and 800m altitude)
  • Le Haut-Jura [Upper Jura](between 700 and 1,720m altitude)

While it is very much true that Jura resembles a pallet of beautiful landscapes, it is nevertheless a never-ending source of tourist attractions. Visitors can gain a real insight into the essence of Jura through its 12 unmissable attractions and the most intrepid tourists can also set off to unearth its unlimited hidden jewels in terms of natural formations, heritage and culture. Let your heart rule your mind and you’ll soon see how magical Jura is !!

There’s so much to see and do in Jura! Dinosaur tracks around Loulle; the Modern Art Gallery in Dole; the lake region, Baume-les-Messieurs steephead valley (a truly breathtaking geological formation) ; the Upper-Jura Regional Nature Park; the Musée du Jouet (Toy Museum);  la Maison de la Vache qui rit © (The Laughing Cow Museum), the Grande Saline (Great Saltworks) of Salins-les-Bains, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the Musée de la Lunette (Glasses Museum)… These natural attractions and museums enable Jura to safeguard and pass on its rich history, values and know-how that have all contributed to the Department’s reputation as an excellent tourist destination! This heritage has been brought to the world’s attention by the Department’s famous sons such as Rouget de Lisle (the composer of the French National Anthem), Louis Pasteur, Paul-Émile Victor (polar explorer) and Louis Vuitton, founder of the world-famous luxury leather goods company…Their rich lives reflect the traditional values conveyed by the Jura landscape in the past, today and undoubtedly in the future.THE JURA EXPERIENCE

As each season goes by, Jura provides a wide range of entertaining activities: swimming ; water-based activities ; rambling and hiking; sleigh dogs; via ferrata;  canyoning ; climbing; sailing, cross-country skiing; fishing; snowshoeing; outings in horse-drawn carriages or traditional Romany caravans; hang-gliding; mountain biking; downhill skiing; discovering vineyards; hot-air ballooning; canoeing; golf; paragliding; accrobranche (tree-climbing adventure courses); skijoring; rowing… You’re bound to find something to suit you in Jure whatever type of holiday you’re looking for – just chilling, taking time out to think, thrills and spills, discovering a new sport, action-packed activities…


If you really want to get to know Jura then take the time to discover and savour the local produce sourced from its generous soil that embodies the area’s authentic nature. Jura produces a wide range of famous wine and cheese as well as many other delicious gourmet treats bound to amaze you and make your mouth water. Our fine wines include the world-famous Vin jaune and vin de paille, as well as Savagnin, Poulsard, Trousseau, while are star cheeses are Comté, Morbier, Bleu de Gex. But that’s not all! Morel mushrooms, honey, home-made lemonade and beer, chocolate, saucisses de Montbéliard and Morteau (smoked sausages) and totally unexpected items such as Cancoillotte (a runny cheese) and Papet (sweet flan) will delight your taste buds.


There are many different ways of visiting our Department: just you and your partner, with the whole family, or in a group of friends. The range of accommodation also varies considerably: gîtes; guest houses; delightful chalets; furnished accommodation for tourists; hotel s, camp sites… Tourists who decide to stay in Jura are really spoilt for choice: city walks in Dole; breathtaking views from the Four Lakes vantage point; outstanding gourmet restaurants in the Vignoble wine-growing area; downhill skiing in the French-Swiss ski area… Snap up the best offers from the Jura Tourisme agency to set off for a ready-made package or book your accommodation yourself. In Jura everything is possible to ensure you have a great time on holiday whenever you come.


source: comite departemental tourisme Jura


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