Giulio Andreotti (Roma, 14/06/1919) was the longest living italian politician till his death yesterday. He had an incredibly long and rich political life, started in 1946 in the footsteps of Alcide de Gasperi. He was 8 time prime minister, eight times minister of defense, five times minister of foreign affairs, two times minister of finances. Afterwords, he became life long senator.

Press conference of former seven-time Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti a few days after Italian highest court cleared him of cultivating ties with the Sicilian Mafia after a decade-long case that had gripped the country in Rome, Italy on November 05th , 20

The film Il Divo of Paolo Sorrentino, a chef d’oeuvre of italian cinematography describes the links between the political system, crime, corruption and italian maffia. In this system Giulio Andreotti had to live for many years with some high incidents like the sequestration and death of Aldo Moro and some very huge bomb attacks of the Brigade Rosse.

Giulio Andreotti was the symbol of a three parties-sytem (christiandemocrats, communits, socialists) which collapsed in 1994-1995 in an atmosphere of bribery and links between the State and the maffia. The first Berlusconi government was the start of a new period in the italian political history which Andreotti survived twenty years as senator.


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