Konstantin Khudyakov – architect and « digital head-liner », presents his «diagnosis of contemporaneity» through images developed with the use of new technology in Monte-Carlo at the famous art gallery Carré Doré from May 7th to May 27th 2013.

Photo (5)Khudyakov is one of the biggest Russian contemporary artists. His work is almost permanently exhibited all over Russia, including  such high-ranking venues as the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art. He is the founder of a new artistic discipline – “the multi-touch art”.

Took part in the Venice Biennale.

Art of Konstantin Khudyakov allows the spectator to indulge into history, philosophy, culture, and embark on an adventure, along with the artist, in search for reality – unexpected and often provocative.

The Gallery Carré Doré located in Monte–Carlo presents a new series of 8 digital works of the Artist Konstantin Khudyakov.


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