BRUSSELS- Following the success of Brusselicious, the Greek National Tourism Organisation in Belgium and SETE (the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises) launched the initiative “gαΣtronoμία @ Bruxelles”, in order to highlight the Greek gastronomy in Brussels.


The Minister-President of the French-speaking Government in Brussels (Cocof), Mr. Christos Doulkeridis, supports the concept of this first event of gastronomic co-creations that will take place from 29th of March to 2nd of May 2013 (every Tuesday and every Friday) in different trendy and well known restaurants in Brussels. This project as an extension of Brusselicious’ year of gastronomy aims to strengthen the cosmopolitan character of the city.

The principle of “gαΣtronoμία @ Bruxelles” is based on the exchange of Greek and Brussels’ culinary expertise. A Greek chef will be hosted in various restaurants in Brussels, for three days, sharing his experience and bring into light the Greek gastronomy.

Gastronomy is a strategic sector for the communication campaign of Greek tourism. The Greek National Tourism Organisation in Belgium and SETE took the initiative to invite Brussels’ restaurants to welcome the chefs of 10 luxury hotels in Greece and propose a greek-brussels menu prepared in collaboration by both chefs.

Inspired by Greek local ingredients that can be found in Brussels and created by the two chefs, the Greek menu will be presenting, each time, a different cuisine from Greek destinations: Heraklion, Peloponnese, Chania, Athens, Rhodes, Corfu, Volos, Thessaloniki and Zakynthos.

The initiative presents an unknown aspect of Greece, outside the stereotypes, in a culinary high-level, followed by a draw. Customers who will choose the Greek menu will have the chance to win 5 night’s holidays in Greece.

The Ambassador of Greece in Brussels Mr. Alexis Platon Chadjimichalis attended the press conference.

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