Following the  ‘constructive no-confidence vote’ held in the Slovenian Parliament and the mandate given to Alenka Bratušek, acting leader of Pozitivna Slovenija, to form a new temporary coalition government, ALDE Party President Sir Graham Watson MEP said: “European Liberal Democrats welcome this move and call on all parties participating in this ‘coalition of responsibility’ to work together at what is a very difficult time for the country.

Slovenia cannot afford to be preoccupied by a political crisis, but it cannot afford to lose the citizens’ trust either. I congratulate Alenka Bratušek on becoming Prime Minister designate and I hope the new government, once confirmed, will be able to implement the political and economic reforms needed to manage the difficult economic challenges it is facing.

I trust that the ALDE Party member Državljanska Lista will contribute its part to the success in the process of forming a new coalition

Roman Jakič MP, Member of the ALDE Party Bureau, said: “Alenka Bratušek is the first female in the history of the Republic of Slovenia to be elected Prime Minister designate. She has my full support. Alenka Bratušek is the person who can successfully unify all social liberal forces in Slovenia. I’m sure that Slovene citizens can expect important achievements from her government.  I wish her a lot of courage and strength on her path.

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