MARCH.06.2013 – Shimon Peres, president of Israël attended two ceremonies in Brussels yesterday.


© Photo Henry Borzi

Shimon Peres, the president of the state of Israël and veteran of Israeli politics attended yesterday a first ceremony at Egmont Palace  in presence of Prince Philippe and Minister of Finances Didier Reynders.

He then was welcomed by the jewish organizations at Palais des Academies, transformed in a fortress,  where the introduction word was said by Hervé Hasquin, perpetual secretary of the Academy of french language in Belgium.

The rector of the ULB (free university of Brussels), probably feeling in his neck the heat of some students of the ULB who protested against the arrival of Shimon Peres, asked fairly usual and assertive questions about the always lasting  conflict between Israel and Palestina. Shimon Peres answered quietly and with a great highness of views, placing the debate on key points as: education, water supply, research and development to make palestinian economic life better and new technologies which, he said, will be solving lots of problems in the Middle-East. He also blamed the inferior status of women in the muslim world that is, he said, a problem for cultural development of every woman and her children.

A young and talented young artist of 18, played for Shimon Peres lovely songs in different languages. A very emotional moment when Shimon Peres came to her to give her a blessing kiss on her forehead.

Shimon Peres was longly applauded by the participants.

The video realized by Henry BORZI of BRUSSELS DIPLOMATIC:

© Video Henry Borzi

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