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The belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs was received by president BOUTEFLIKA in Algiers.

Here the report of the algerian french-speaking press:

FEB.12.2013- The belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier REYNDERS we interviewed last week left Belgium for Africa where he’ll be visiting three countries.

To start the trip, Algeria, a former part of France till 1962, endangered by islamic terrorism till the nineties and still under a partly military regime, is also involved in the Mali crisis with islamic groups having held hostage more than 60 people two wereks ago, followed by a bloody raid of the algerian army. The regional crisis will be a key issue in the discussion with Algerian officials also illegal immigration as many algerian and false algerian enter belgian territory. Belgian secretary of state for asylum and immigration Maggie De Block will also be in Algiers on the same time

After Algeria, our belgian Minister will go to Bamako in Mali, near to the conflict zone where Belgium sent 75 military officials for sustaining the french SERVAL-operation

The third country to be visited will be Ivory Coast.The president, the minister of foreign affairs and the prime minister will be on the menu of our belgian Minister.



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