FEB.06.2013 – BRUSSELS DIPLOMATIC will meet in the future interesting expats. BRUSSELS DIPLOMATIC started today with french woman Virginie TAITTINGER.


Virginie TAITTINGER, an elegant and exquisite young woman lives in Brussels. She is a french expat and makes Champagne. As the daughter of Claude Taittinger, longtime owner and general manager of Champagnes Taittinger  and her mother coming from the Piper-Heidsick family, she has Champagne in her blood.

25 years experience with her father who is one of the most notorious winemaker and owner in Champagne gave her the intuition, the experience and the willingness to make a great Champagne, to make her own Champagne.

A great challenge

What a great challenge she started some years ago!  Virginie has talent and persistance to realize the work of her life. Starting a Champagne company and creating its won brand is not an easy clue. Defining the type of Champagne, benchmarking, logistics, selectioning the right grapes, making the good blends, finding the first clients were fundamental issues she had to solve when creating this great Champagne Virginie T. Virginie wanted to have a Champagne like her. Easy-going, sophisticated, loved and affordable on the same time, and indeed of high quality.

Virginie selectionned the best grapes from the Montagne de Reims (some grands crus of the Montagen de Reims with the best pinots noirs), lovely Chardonnays form the Côte des Blancs and indeed a minority percentage of pinot meunier. 2009, a wonderful ripe year is the basic year for Virginie T. More than 2 years ageing give this Champagne structure and beautiful bubbles.

At level of the best brands

Virginie really succeded in this highly demanding challenge: creating a Champagne at the level of the best brands (Moët&Chandon, Lanson, Piper-Heidsick) with a distinctive nose, a strong mouth, an easy to drink character, a great freshness and the willingness to sip immediately some more drops. A Champagne for every moment in the day, from the breakfast to the “after-dinner”.

This is now only the start of a great story. Virginie wanted to ensure the positioning of her brand before expanding her range. Brut Champagnes are the core of what all the great brands produce. That’s were competing with themhad to start for this ambitious Champagne-winemaker. In a second stadium, rosé-wines and vintage wines are not excluded by Virginie. We wish her good luck in convincing Belgians and other European citizens to adopt her own-style Champagne !

It’s always so intresting to meet a inquisitive, courageous and clever woman-entrepreneur who always finds time to dedicate some hours to politics and the citizens  (we come back later on that).




pictures: Henry BORZI

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