FEB.04.2013- For 28 years, Cheval Passion has been the unmissable winter event for horse enthusiasts and those that enjoy wonderful spectacles.

Every year, 100,000 people attend this festival which brings together over 1200 horses, 250 exhibitors and presents over 90 hours of shows and events…
A real theatre for equestrian emotions, the legendary Gala des Crinières d’Or features today’s most talented horses and riders.
An eclectic and friendly equestrian event where cowboys rub shoulders with grand prix riders, the mounted regiment of the Republican Guard perform a show and trekkers are captivated by High School Dressage…This year, this magical event took place at the end of january.

Cheval Passion brings together the majority of equestrian disciplines (show jumping, carriage driving, dressage, acrobatics, working equitation, horse ball, shows, Iberian Horse, western riding, etc.) and riders from all backgrounds. At Cheval Passion, trekking and recreational activities, as well as sport and competition are represented.
The trade show’s recognised unique feature is to welcome cowboys and grand prix riders, the Camargue cowboys, acrobats and Republican guards, trekking fans and show artists, from the youngest and their ponies to experienced trainers…

At the trade show, there were 250 exhibitor stands, 1200 horses and ponies, dozens of equine breeds presented during livestock shows and all the sectors of the horse industry. The evening was time for the magic of the equestrian show with the legendary Gala des Crinières d’or, the leading European equestrian show, while the party is in full swing at the equestrian cabaret and the bodega!
Wonderful and intelligent horses, outstanding trainers and high-level acrobats, dreams, laughter, emotion and great thrills… the 5 shows of the Crinières d’Or 2013 put the spotlight on the passion of the horse in a modern production beautifully orchestrated by established artists and promising young talents.


Wilfried MEGANCK

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