The “Château de Quebec”, ranked the second of Québec’s seven wonders in a recent survey among Québecers, is getting a makeover! Investments of close to $66 million will allow the esteemed hotel establishment, built in 1893, to rejuvenate its 618 rooms and main lobby, replace its roof and expand its Fairmont Gold floors and health centre. As a national historic site of Canada, and a venue for renowned personalities, the Château spotlights various Québec artefacts and works of art. By devoting more space for banquets and providing optimal technological access in its rooms, the Château, already boasting a prominent view of the city and river, consolidates its reputation as a renowned business destination. The inauguration of the “New  will take place during the 2014 Québec Winter Carnival.

This renovation sees building owner Ivanhoe Cambridge team up with several partners, including the City of Québec, the Government of Québec, Parks Canada, the Musée de la civilisation, and the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.








the website of the “new” Quebec Castle



Wilfried MEGANCK

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