Mariarosaria Marziali is a project manager with a special focus on Communication & Dissemination.Her academic background is public and corporate communication and marketing. She obtained several masters on european projects management and communication for european Projects.
She represents BrusselsDiplomatic & BrusselsEconomic, two  daily newspapers published by DESNERCK MEDIA Ltd and located in Brussels. In these two newspapers Mariarosaria has created a special section:

European Projects & Events Showcases

with a specific target, to implement 3C Keys Points for a successful Project.The 3 points to reach this target are

– a fitted Consortium: every partner must fit its task of the project not more o less but PERFECTLY in line with its task- a good Coordination Management Team. The tasks have to be made on time and afterwards to be used by others users. The project manager must know the project in the general line but also to connect every single pieces.

– Communication between partners, with EC, with media and especially with stakeholders. Dissemination not only about results but also about the path to reach the results.

Mariarosaria’s idea is to use this dedicated section to reach your target, a successful Project.

In European Projects & Events Showcases

– we are your meeting point. We can publish your idea for a new project you can meet your partners to create a Consortium.
– our team of Projects Managers can take of the Coordination of your project. We are located in Brussels, in the heart of the European district.  We can have daily contacts with EU Officers to obtain clarification about procedures, attend any events, infodays and workshops.
In Brussels there are permanent representations of regions, industries, international associations. So we can stay in contact easily with them, as well.

– as your partner in the project  for Communication & Dissemination we can have a real effective interaction with your stakeholders. Do you know your stakeholders? Partners in the projects? Yes ?  Also EU officers? Yes, it’s very important !

But the most important stakeholder is the public…your public.  I mean the public is your target but which  is your public ? If you know it,  your project will  have impact and be effective.

Industries, citizens, consumers, students…you must have an interaction with them !

You must show them your milestones, your results and give them the opportunity to give you their feedback. This one is  successful communication.

How many times do you  launch a press release? Twice?
At the beginning of the project? Maybe
At the end ? Is it enough ? Definitely NOT !
Instead try to call for action with facebook,  twitter and any other social platform able to connect you with your stakeholders.

In our media company, we have a PR Agency called MIDDCOM, specialised in press relations. This unit makes press releases, organises press conferences and holds contact with many European journalists.Mariarosaria would like to point out the difference between information & communication:

– only one word – INTERACTION!!
Communication is a call for action non a message in a bottle

She and her team can offer you the opportunity to create tailor-made events everywhere in Europe and especially in Brussels where it all happens.

And now Mariarosaria’s message! It’s a Call for action

Send me your ideas for projects, so we can publish them in our daily newspapers and together we’ll find your partners and soon you’ll be starting working on the project.
If you want something to be changed, change the rules! 

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