NGOs assist migrant flows in Mediterranean

Sub-Saharan migrants crowd a dinghy as they are rescued by members of Proactiva Open Arms NGO at the Mediterranean sea, about 20 miles north of Ra's Tajura, Libya, Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017. About 300 migrants were rescued Tuesday from three dinghies by members of Proactiva Open Arms Spanish NGO and Italian coast guards before transferring them to the Italian coast. (AP Photo/Olmo Calvo)

A  Spanish aid organization has rescued 391 migrants while undertaking the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea.

Laura Lanuza, spokeswoman for Spain’s Proactiva Open Arms aid group, said that their ship Golfo Azzurro  took on board 243 migrants from two smugglers’ boats  intercepted in international waters off the coast of Libya. (10/06/2017).

Among migrant gourp one baby, a pregnant woman and several children were also resqued.

The aid boat also saved another 148 migrants that it transferred to an Italian coast guard vessel. (Photo; illustration).

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